What we do

Dunribbin - the club boat
Our Club


Dunribbin is our very own hard boat. This means that we can cruise comfortably to our dive sites before we put our kit on and shelter in the wheelhouse when it is a little colder. We also have an onboard toilet, cooker and fridge so that you can be fairly sure of a cup of tea to rehydrate you after your dive. (Especially if you are the one making it)

The club

We are a friendly bunch (here we all are at the back of the boat for a selfie) so you can be sure of a warm welcome. We pride ourselves on supporting each other and making sure that the club is not just a bunch of people you dive with, but a bunch of people you enjoy spending time with. Dive with friends, not just buddies.


We have regular access to a pool for you to practice in and we run training programmes regulalry for new (and old) members. You will usually find a few members of the club trying out new (or old) kit in the pool before bringing it into the sea, or making sure that they haven't forgotten how to dive over Christmas.

Undersea life

A lot of people like to dive in the Caribbean for the fish life, but did you know that the fish life in the UK can be just as colourful and diverse? The south coast of the UK, where we dive is particularly resplendent in corals, fans, fish, crustaceans and occasionally (if we are lucky) some of the larger denizens make an appearance too. We regulalry see dolphins chasing the boat and if you were to join us on our trip to the Scilly Isles, you would be able to enjoy the company of the local seals, who would be only too happy to try to pull your fins off.

Joining the club

We welcome people who are new to the sport and would like to learn to dive and we have qualified instructors who can take you through the training programme. We also are delighted to welcome qualified divers who hold any qualification, such as PADI. Please drop us a line on the contact for or via our FaceBook page and we'll soon get you in the water.